Stonehearth Alpha 24.6 Now on Steam Unstable

Posted on April 20th, 2018 05:49 AM EST
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Why embark once when you can do it twice?

The main feature in this unstable release is the new Re-embarkation system. About a week after you finish the town progression quest line, you will get the option of selecting up to 3 of your hearthlings to leave the town and found a new settlement elsewhere.

The hearthlings departing your town can also take up to 10 items with them, including bags of gold or a shred of the current town’s banner, which will carry its town bonus over with you.

Once the new adventurers have departed, you will be able to select them when starting a new town, from the same screen where you select your initial characters.

Additionally, as part of this change, we have reduced the number of hearthlings you start with to 5, as 7 makes it hard to treat and remember your people as individuals, rather than as a group of units to do your bidding.

Other changes

  • Added display of the next daily report goal in the Town Overview UI.
  • Added a glow to the town name input box until it's interacted with.
  • Added missing Varanus Meat to input bin filters.
  • Added tooltips to names in the unit frame (in case they are too long).
  • Added today/tomorrow/day after tomorrow labels to the weather forecast.
  • Improved the styling for the mod screen.
  • Improved fog and sky colors in various weathers.
  • Improved performance of hearthlings restocking and goblins stealing slightly.
  • Increased the variety of desert weather slightly.
  • Increased all tiers of herbalist shop inventories.
  • Reduced tier 3 potter shop inventory.
  • Reduced chance of Poultry Days slightly.
  • Reduced foggy weather monster spawn range slightly.
  • Limited the interest given by the Hearth of the Makers to a maximum of 300 gold / day.
  • Changed sandstorms to do percentage damage so they don't kill critters/pets as easily.
  • ⚠️ Changed how fog settings are specified:
    • scattering sun brightness (4th value) is now on and specifies scattering intensity.
    • height_fog thickness factor (2nd value) now uses a 0 to 1 range.
    • height_fog distance factor (4th value) is now based on the number of voxels.
  • Fixed trader stalls not working in old saves (they will now use the old behavior there).
  • Fixed a few UI crashes in the citizens, workshop, and character sheet menus.
  • Fixed several AI crashes in restocking, fleeing, and healing actions.
  • Fixed trader quests offering an item for the same item, and fixed some really bad deals.
  • Fixed sandstorms to not damage doors, turrets, etc.
  • Fixed shop and inventory UIs showing categories even after they've been emptied.
  • Fixed an error due to items with an evolve component being owned by a non-player.
  • Fixed hearthlings not preferring to wear Worker Finery.
  • Fixed foggy weather monsters staying around for too long.
  • Fixed mesh and alignment issues for some of the town-tier-unlockable decorations.
  • Fixed the generated manifest for new mods not specifying locale.
  • Fixed scroll bar in the notifications UI.
  • Fixed several mistakes in object names and descriptions.

Have fun!
Team Stonehearth
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